University of Texas at El Paso

Updated November 11, 2006

Fishing for research ideas

Jackson Lake, Wyoming, 2006

Academic Activities of

Jorge Alberto López Gallardo




Has taught fifteen different physics courses at all levels, has directed thesis work of one Ph.D. student, 24 MS students, one BS student, additionally has supervised 28 students in research projects, has been a member in 25 MS thesis committees and four Ph.D. dissertation committees, has designed improvements to the curricula of 15 courses, has produced 19 items of teaching material, has been a PI or co-PI in 47 grant proposals and contracts related to education, out of which 18 were funded for a total of over $1.800,000.



Has written one book, one chapter in a book, edited two books, and written two articles included in books, has over 80 articles published in more than 50 journal publications and in more than 20 conference proceedings, as well as more than 10 web and unpublished articles, and over 120 abstracts, has given more than 40 presentations in national and international meetings, over 10 in regional meetings, 46 seminars, has organized 7 national, regional and local conferences, has chaired 15 sessions in national, regional and local conferences, has been in 15 international advisory boards of conferences, and been a reviewer for The Physical Review, The Physical Review Letters , Brazilian Physics Journal, and Revista Mexicana de Fisica, for for NSF (GFP, RIMI, DUE-ILI), ACS-PRF and Pacific Norwest Lab, has submitted more than 40 research proposals as PI or co-PI out of which about half have been funded for a total of over $800,000



He has been the Chair of the Physics Department, Assistant Dean of the College of Science, has been in over 30 service committees and of more than 15 other official duties, has about 50 publications and radio and TV interviews related to service activity, has been a consultant 16 times, has participated and organized more than 80 outreach activities, has been the chair of the Texas Section of the American Physical Society, president of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists, member of over 30 professional committees.